BlackBerry PlayBook gets 2.1 OS update

BlackBerry PlayBook owners have an enhancement update. RIM has announced that it has started to roll out the new BlackBerry PlayBook 2.1 OS update. The update is not as major as the 2.0, but brings some enhancements and security features.

The i=update will bring ability to text via SMS using BlackBerry Bridge version 2.1, support for Messages, Contacts and Calendar apps as well as the ability to easily share documents from a PC to a BlackBerry PlayBook via a new “print” option.

The RIM has also made clear that the update will also make it easier for IT departments to deploy the tablet to employees using BlackBerry Mobile Fusion. There several improvements on this side that include  ActiveSync certificate-based authentication support, over-the-air enrollment, and more. Finally the n-app payment option now support Android.

You can update your BlackBerry PlayBook via “Software Updates” under the settings option and the update is free.