Google Search App for Windows 8 launched

Google Search App for Windows 8 launched

Google is ready to rock the Windows 8 with its search service specially designed for Windows 8-powered devices.  Google’s search services are currently accessed via browser on Windows, but it is not the case on Windows 8. There is a dedicated search app, and the company hopes that Windows 8 users will use the Google search app.

Google is playing like they did with the iOS and BlackBerry OS.  The Google search app is now available in the Windows 8 store.  It seems like Google wants people to use its service directly that will benefit the Google in many ways. The first thing is that it doesn’t have to share the search-ad revenue  and second, te dedicated app increases the usage of other Windows  apps like  — Maps, YouTube, Gmail, and Google+. The app will also enable you to perform a lot of other actions within the Google environment.

Google search app for Windows 8 features a mechanism for voice input, is capable to show  instant previews like the Web interface for search so you don’t have to visit to see each web page. The app is completely touch enabled  for the Windows 8 “touch-first” era. The interface shows other applications like Google Docs, Gmail, Google Maps, Google Voice, Google+, Google Drive, and YouTube.

The app only works on the Windows 8 running on x86 chips, not on Windows RT version like Surface tablet.  The app stands along but can also be wired into Windows 8’s Charms technology for a system-wide services.

The Windows 8 is set to be launched on October 26th, the operating system is completely different from previous Windows OS’ with a new and very different  interface that developers have to write new version of their software developed for current version of Windows. We assume that Microsoft will not be happy about the Google’s app while It  has its own Bing service but the app provides an addition to the small range of apps available for Windows 8.


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