Microsoft launches Windows Phone 8; to hit Europe soon

Today we have a lot, after the Google’s Android update announcement as well as Nexus 4 and Nexus 10, here comes Windows Phone 8 launch and features in detail. The OS which has been long-awaited and expected to boost the WP smartphone market share in the near future.  You have already seen the WP8 a while ago, but today Joe Belfiore showed whole thing in detail.

The new Windows Phone 8 OS boasts a lot of new features,  at some point unique functionality. When you turn your WP8 device on, there is a new lockscreen greeting you, which shows photos and notifications from Facebook, interestingly third-party developers can show info from their apps as well. Belfiore made an important point that 46 of the 50 top apps on other platforms are on Windows Phone 8 and more are coming.

The OS features  Data Sense, a newly mobile data saving and managing feature that tracks data usage of apps and compresses  web page in the browser and it will also help you find Wifi hotspots when the data plan is running low.

There is also special settings for kids, and no worries of kids doing something wrong with other apps. The kids’ corner allows you to pick several apps. The OS has also added a new feature like Google circle, named “Rooms”, you can now add people into “rooms”  and share updates, to-do lists, photos and more, interestingly even people without Windows Phone 8 handset can join the Rooms.

Microsoft has launched Windows Phone companion app for Windows 8 and RT, so that you can sync your WP files and apps with Windows 8 devices and manage wherever you are.

Steve Ballmer showed flagship devices from Nokia, Samsung and HTC. He also announced that the Windows Phone 8 will be offered by major carriers in US, Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile . An unannounced Samsung Odyssey as well as Nokia 822 announced early and HTC Windows Phione 8X will be coming to Verizon.

T-Mobile will be launching the Lumia 820 and HTC 8X in couple of weeks while the AT&T will be launching Lumia 920, 820 and HTC Windows Phone 8X in November. Phone will be available from Microsoft’s own store as well as carrier and maker stores.

This is the global launch, Europe will get Windows Phone 8 soon and WP8 devices will be available by this weekend.