Samsung to hold an Event on October 11; launching Galaxy S III mini?

If you think that Samsung Galaxy S III a huge device to carry with you, and thinking of getting any other device, you may want to wait a further to take look at the upcoming mini Galaxy S III. Yes Samsung has sent out invites for an  October 11 launch event with a headline “The size may be small” and a sub heading goes as “and so small can be big,”.

It seems like Samsung is teasing the next small big to come to the light soon. has made sure what it means with a help of a German native in the office , and it is said to be “That’s how big small can be.”

If you take a careful look at the invites, you can see a  Galaxy phone “S” logo in the background of the invitation, that clearly indicates the event is for next Galaxy S version,  so “and so small can be big,”.

in the market, many Android users who prefer compact device have been disappointed with 4.8 inch screen and some have complained the device is too large to hold the phone in hand.

Anyway, Samsung is unlikely to go smaller than 4 inches. Apple recently updated its iPhone with 4 inch screen making it compact.  The event is set to October 11, a week from now, so stay tuned, we will keep you updated.

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