Windows Phone 7.8 Update new features revealed

We yesterday reported about a possible delay on Windows Phone 7.8 update release, but  today we have some good news, anyway it is not about the release, rather some features. We haven’t had an exact info about the WP 7.8 update features since it was announced a while ago, but someone from Windows Phone Italy has thrown a response to a question regarding WP 7.8 features on its Facebook page.

Even though the Facebook is not that reliable source,  the features mentioned in the comment seem quite probable. The features mentioned in the response includes  the new homescreen, something called ‘Club’ and SmartGlass. We know that the update will bring new homescreen, but  the response now gives a little more hope to existing Windows Phone users.

The Club seems to be something like “Rooms” in Windows Phone 8 which works almost like Google circles where you can invite people and share things. Windows Phone Italy has deleted the response from the thread.

The Windows Phone 7.8 update is for existing Windows Phone 7 and 7.5 devices as old devices won’t get the latest Windows Phone 8. The WP 7.8 update will be seeding as OTA or via Zune, so once released, it won’t take long to reach devices. Anyway, stay tuned, we will keep you posted.