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AT&T Nokia Lumia 920 price confirmed; $149.99 on contract

Nokia Lumia 920 price confirmed; $149.99 on contract

In the Windows Phone 8 series, the flagship device that many consumers are waiting for is certainly Nokia Lumia 920 and you know that the device will be exclusive to at&t for at least first six months, but the carrier hasn’t launched it yet or announced price, even though retailers like Best Buy has started to take pre-orders of the device for  a price of $149.99.

Now it seems like the price is confirmed. Nokia’s mobile website posted an image of Live Tile  showing same $149.99 price with at&t logo. The device is expected to be sold like hot cakes for this price. Nokia and AT&T are using same strategy they used when Lumia 900 was launched.

For the $149.99, you will get 32GB of storage and free wireless charger. AT&T is expected to launch the Lumia 920 on November 11th.


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