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Amazing Android Apps for Travelers

Amazing Android Apps for Travelers

Technology has developed a lot in last few years to facilitate the mankind. This is the basic reason based on which you will easily find countless gadgets and electronic devices in the market, which are capable of bringing style, fashion, and comfort to the life of user. Android has captured a lot of market share because of its focus on market-pull strategy. Android devices prefer to facilitate the users in a way they actually want. These days, to have a traveling app is become an indispensable need of every tech-savvy person, which is why you will find a large number of Android based travel apps in the market. You can use any of these apps on your Android handset whether you are planning to travel for personal or professional purposes. Besides that, if you love traveling you can make use of any mobile phone accessorize like iphone cases and covers by designing them professionally using any designing tool. Some of the most popular Android based travel apps are as follows:


Planning the trip in an effective and efficient manner is the most essential need of every traveler. TripIT app is best for this purpose. It will not only assist you in planning but will also help you in making ticket and hotel reservations.

Free WiFi Finder

It is a fact that when we travel, we desperately look for a WiFi connection to stay connected with our loved ones. Free WiFi Finder is an amazing Android based app, which facilitates the users in finding out the nearest WiFi connection with ease.

Whatsapp Messenger

To stay connected with friends, and family members, the requirement is not only to have a WiFi connection but also to have a messenger using which you can communicate with them easily. Whatsapp Messenger is one of those messengers, which can offer you texting, photo sharing, listening music, and much more.


To track the locations is the most important concern of the travelers. To cater this concern, now you can have GPS app in your Android. This app will surely help you in finding hotels, gas stations, shopping malls, and much more.

Hotel Tonight

People, who travel on frequent basis, find it quite difficult to make hotel reservations. Now you can do it via using Hotel Tonight app on your smart gadget. The best part is that this app makes reservations possible around the clock, which is surely a great convenience for travelers.


Weather keeps on changing and can become a true hassle for the travelers. To stay updated with the weather updates, now you can have WeatherPro app in your gadget and can enjoy safe traveling.

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This article is written by the Alaa Younes who is a professional writer and technology blogger. She has written several posts and articles on different technology topics such as, Smartphone apps, antivirus apps, and on accessories such as iPod touch cases, blackberry torch cases, iPhone cases, etc.

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