Gigabyte unveils tiny mini PC powered by Core i7 Processor

Gigabyte unveils tiny mini PC powered by Core i7 Processor

There are many mini PCs out there that ranging from Mac mini to many known and unknown PCs, but you will be surprised to see the Gigabyte’s new addition to the mini PC family.  The Gigabyte mini PC is extra-tiny, making it stand out from the crowd  and it shows the art of engineering.

The Gigabyte min PC is though mini in form factor, it is not at all a mini when considering its power inside. The device is powered by an optional a Core i3, i5 or i7 processor and supports up to 8GB of RAM. for heavy tasks, there is a 256GB SSD and sports several ports that include  two USB ports, Ethernet and two HDMI ports.

Anyway, it is still a pre-production model  but Gigabyte is expected to ship the mini PC worldwide in April, price and release date are still mystery though. Gigabyte has also announced new Windows 8 tablet PCs at CES.


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