Google Project Glass is still work in progress- Babak Parviz

Google’s Project Glass will be a one of the revolutionary products when it is launched, with intriguing features Google officially announced the Project Glass almost a half a year ago, but since then, there have only been a few words from the Google about the development of its Project Glass. Well, now the Babak Parviz, head of the project at Google sat with a IEEE Spectrum  for an interview and gave a glimpse about the Google’s intention for the Glass and development progress.

According to  Babak Parviz, Google Project Glass is still work in progress  and features for the glass are still not fully determined.  The company is constantly trying out new ideas  and trying to make the product more robust with both hardware and software.  The company now working on improving the battery life, for all day longevity.

Google Project Glass now has a  touch pad for user control but the company still working on head gestures and voice commands for more control. Parviz also indicated that augmented reality isn’t “our immediate goal for Google Glass but could expect it in the future.  Google doesn’t plan to incorporate its advertising into Glass either even though Google is well known for its advertising.

Parviz also mentioned about what it has to offer for developers now, though a full SDK for the Glass is not yet available but hinted what they can expect. Parviz says that “When we ship this, we will have a cloud-based API that will allow developers to integrate with Glass, which enables a variety of Glass services while keeping a consistent user experience”.  “It’s the same API that we used to build the e-mail and calendar services that we test on Glass.” he included.

Google offered the Project Glass for attendees of 2012’s I/O conference for a price of $1,500, and expected to ship  those pre-orderd devices this year, not an exact date is yet available though.