LG launches 15.6″ U560 Ultrabook in Korea

LG has added a new ultrabook to its portfolio. The ultrabook dubbed LG U560  was launched in South Korea and has a 15.6-inch IPAS display. Unfortunately, there is no much details about the system and not sure when it will be heading to other markets like Europe and US.

However, the press release says that the LG U560 ultrabook is powered by a Intel’s third-generation Core i5 3337U processors coupled with an unspecified high performance graphics. The ultrabook features 15.6 inch display but resolution is yet to be revealed. LG promises that it will offer a crisp and natural color.

The U560 also features dual-storage solution of SSDs and HDDs, HDMI connectivity and three USB ports. The ultrabook should come  to other markets, but pricing for the LG U560 is yet to be announced.