Samsung to launch several Tizen Smartphones in 2013

Samsung to launch several Tizen Smartphones in 2013

You must have heard  TIZEN, an open source alternative to Android formed by Samsung and Intel and we have heard rumors regarding new phone powered by the OS and now Samsung has confirmed that it will be launching several devices running on Tizen OS.

Anyway, the company hasn’t revealed anything about hardware specifications, price or when the device can be expected in the market. Tizen  can be seen as a backup plan for Samsung. New announcement shows a reduction in Samsung’s reliance on Google and acquisition of Motorola Mobility by Google must have helped add some kerosene to the fire.

In Japan another Tizen partner NTT Docomo is expected to release phone running on the OS soon. Some phone powered by Tizen has already spotted online and  it could make its to Europe as well as Vodafone is also part of TIzen group.


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