Sony Xperia Z and ZL confirmed to hit Canada

It is confirmed that Xperia Z and Xperia ZL will be making its way to Canada as well. Even since the new Android beasts were announced, Sony fans all over the world are waiting for its most appealing smartphone’s release and the new info comes from a tweet via Sony Mobile’s Twitter account.

The smartphone with alluring design and features announced at CES 2013 and both smartphones are identical to each other, except some features. The Xperia Z is appealingly thin at 7.9mm and waterproof while the Xperia ZL is no waterproof and a little thicker than the Xperia Z. However both smartphone features huge 5 inch displays and same quad-core processor inside.

Other regions to get the Xperia Z and ZL first include Europe, UK and Australia., Anyway, stay tuned for further information, including price and exact release date.