Windows Phone 7.8 Update to release on January 31

Windows Phone 7.8 Update to release on January 31

It has been quite a while since Microsoft announced its latest Windows Phone 8, but smartphone with previous version of the Windows Phone OS will only get Windows Phone 7.8 update. Even though a little details about the update was announced at the Windows Phone 8 announcement event, it hasn’t been released yet, and users all over the world have lost patience. But it seems like you have good news that the time is almost near.

According to Windows Phone Colombia, the Windows Phone 7.8 update for previous WP smartphones will start rolling out on January 31. Anyway, the date coincides with promised Q1 launch.

You can expect some cool new features with Windows Phone 7.8 update. The features are resizable Live Tiles, Bing Picture for Lockscreen wallpaper, new theme colors, Bluetooth File transfer, ability to use Google as default search provider, new boot screen, updated system and Nokia exclusive apps and Counters app.


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