NVIDIA announces Tegra 4i with integrated 4G LTE

NVIDIA has officially announced its next generation Tegra processor, but this time the company has managed to integrate 4G LTE with the chipset unlike its previous models. The new SoC is an updated version of the Tegra 3 processor dubbed Tegra 4i.

The new processor is built with four Cortex-A9 CPU and a fifth power-saving cores. The processor comes with 60-core GPU and should be closer in performance to the recently announced Tegra 4 Chipset  which has a 72-core graphics accelerator. One of the important features the chipset has is integrated 4G LTE,    just like its rival Qualcomm as well as it is half the size of a quad-core Qualcomm chipset.

The new chipset will also offer improved camera features such as “always on HDR” mode, and capable of capturing full panoramic HDR photos.

Anyway, don’t expect the devices powered by NVIDIA Tegra 4i soon, you will at least have to wait till 2014 to see some mid-end smartphones with the new processor.