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Panasonic Lumix TZ40; capture the moments

getting a compact camera?, win a Panasonic Lumix TZ40

Panasonic announced its latest version of travel zoom camera Lumix TZ40  a while ago. The new Lumix TZ40 introduced exactly one year after its predecessor, the best-selling TZ30. The Lumix TZ 40 is compact in design making it well-fit into your pocket wherever you go and has a unique features that travelers can rely on.

The camera offers 20x super zooming and improved image stabilization technology with a new five-axis correction system which is claimed to be better for movie shooting. Spec-wise, the Panasonic Lumiz TZ40 has an 18MP sensor that is 4MP more than its predecessor.

Panasonic has doubled its touch-screen resolution from 460k to 920k dots and comes equipped with built-in GPS with support for the Russian GLONASS system. The Lumix TZ40 is also coming with improved noise reduction an d new features like built-in Wifi with NFC. To remotely control the camera, Panasonic Lumix TZ40 also has a free app. With Lumix TZ40, you will be able to capture and directly share each moments with your friends and family through social sites.

For ports, there are mini HDMI and a combined USB / AV port on the right side of the camera. Thanks to the USB, while you working on images via USB, the camera will be charged for your next shots.

Wanna own a Lumix TZ40? 

Try this facebook competition, and you might be lucky enough to own a Lumix TZ40 for free. People over 18 in the UK can participate in the competition, but one condition,  you have to upload your a holiday picture showing why YOU deserve to win a new camera for this year’s holiday. And spreading the word could really help you win one by getting likes from your friends and family for your picture.

The entry with the most likes will be announced as the winner on 2nd August. If you are interested, just head over to the Facebook page here.


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