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Touch Screen from Blackberry falls up short against Apple

Touch Screen from Blackberry falls up short against AppleIs BlackBerry really the new MySpace? You may remember that MySpace dominated the early social networking scene only to be completely eclipsed by the then new kid on the block, Facebook. Like MySpace, BlackBerry was so successful at first and it is true that it continues to have its loyal fans, particularly among business men and women who swear by the Qwerty keyboard. The problem has long been though that without a touch screen model, developers will not write for the platform. Consequently, BlackBerry has fallen way behind on the Apps market and, as a direct result, has missed out and continues to miss out on countless new customers.

BlackBerry has finally sought to address this increasingly dire state of affairs with their new touchscreen Z10 model. The Z10 offers a full touch screen and indicates that at last BlackBerry has admitted that a small screen and full Qwerty keyboard are relics from the history of the mobile. The iPhone and Android phones really are its present and its future.

How does the BlackBerry touchscreen compare to the iPhone?

The answer is not particularly well. The Z10, for example, is a perfectly acceptable touchscreen phone. It is not unattractive, it works as well as the iPhone or Android Samsung Galaxy although it cannot compete with the iPhone in particular for good looks. The problem comes, as ever with BlackBerry, on the apps front. At present there are not that many app programs for the BlackBerry and so owners are encouraged to download Android apps. Now this could be an excellent solution, but, unsurprisingly perhaps, Android apps just do not work as well on the Blackberry touchscreen. They are issues with compatibility on many of them and the new BlackBerry is unlikely to tempt iPhone and Android users away from their systems. Those who have always been loyal to the BlackBerry may be delighted that finally their platform is catching up with its competitors but surely only the most stubbornly loyal BlackBerry fans who secretly yearn for a touch screen phone will still be with them. Most will undoubtedly have jumped ship years ago. If you have not, maybe now is the time to make money on your old blackberry phone and trade it in for an Android or iPhone.

Look at the popular apps Skype and Facebook for example. Neither of these have been working particularly well on the BlackBerry touchscreen, with hundreds of users reporting problems. Any user with a hankering to look at Facebook regularly or a need to use Skype will have switched platforms long ago.

In short, The BlackBerry touchscreens are good phones if you are not App conscious but they are not exceptional for 2013 and that is what they needed to be if BlackBerry were to make up for lost time. They are the kind of phones that BlackBerry really should have brought out four years ago.

Will BlackBerry ever get it right?

Do not right them off. BlackBerry is not beaten. They will be launching the BlackBerry 10 platform later in 2013 and promise that their new phone, the A10 really will be a worthy competitor to the Apple iPhone. For their sake, let’s hope so.

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