Apple iPhone 5S Vs HTC One Vs Samsung Galaxy S4

Apple iPhone 5S Vs HTC One Vs Samsung Galaxy S4

These three flagship devices certainly deserve comparison in terms of its specification except for the iPhone addicts who don’t care about its features and specifications. Apple iPhone 5S is the latest of them  and running on different platform (iOS 7) from other two. The Galaxy S IV is certainly well-known for its features and its huge screen while the HTC One certainly stands out in design from its traditional design. What apple boasting about the iPhone 5S is its fingerprint identifying system as a security features unlike other two devices while it could be more of a concern to many smartphone users as the collected-data could be shared with the Govt organizations.

Design-wise, the iPhone 5S is not that different from its predecessor, with same form factor  the device reflects the iPhone 5, it is actually a overhauled version of iPhone 5 with main power boosting technology going under the hood. Unlike previous models, this time Apple has added additional color to the iPhone 5S, that is Golden.  Unlike Samsung Galaxy S IV iPhone 5S and HTC One are more of premium device with aluminum body,  while Galaxy S4 as always features plastic body. Moreover, the HTC One is available in more colors to choose from, Black, Silver, Red and Blue. The iPhone is available in gold, silver and “space grey.”

Both HTC One and Galaxy S4 are running on Android Jelly Bean, version 4.2.2 and feature HTC Sense UI and Samsung TouchWiz atop that for more customization. On the other hand, the iOS 7 comes with a unified design in the same grid pattern introduces some useful features such as a full screen notifications for the iPad and Control Center.

Anyway, in the end it depends on your budget and needs, look at  comparison of  full specifications of the three devices and drop your comment in the box.


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