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Skype technological changes imrpove overall user Experience

Skype technological changes improves overall user Experience

Finally Skype has revealed upcoming improvements and tweaking to its software. The update aims to improve overall experience and the way average consumers utilizes its services on mobile devices such smartphones and tablets, which has often pushed the improvement towards beefing up its P2P connectivity technology utilizing the cloud technology to help serve between the device and clients.

Among the big benefit of the changes in plan and implemented are improvement in mobile devices use. Nowadays most people using the mobile devices such as tablet and smartphones need more battery life and usability, that is where changes come to play improvements as such devices are mostly equipped with lower end hardware and features unlike computers, where users need longer battery life, that the company tries to increase it by utilizing the cloud and its P2P connectivity,  also boosts the processing power.

According to the company, this update represent the biggest architectural change in the past decade since the service has been available. Atop it will come with more features and improvements over the coming years.

Skype is also working on capability of synchronizing chat status across multiple devices making things easier for users to access their status via any gadgets they are on at present. The company has promised that this feature will be rolled out over the next few months, you might be the first one to get the new features before others, so keep checking.

Nowadays security concern is high to may users, as that is the case, next solid area to focus on is boosting account security and the registration process. Skype promised that it will continue to offer Microsoft account benefits as support for additional platforms like Xbox One.

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