Asus teases 4, 5, 6-inch devices ahead of CES 2014

Asus teases 4, 5, 6-inch devices ahead of CES 2014

Getting closer to the CES 2013, companions have already started teasing with videos and pics of their upcoming devices. Asus is one among them and has released its first teasers ahead of the CES 2014.

The teaser shows balls raining down from the sky, while three of the balls have numbers on it which include 4, 5, 6. The numbers should be indicating the display sizes of upcoming devices that we could expect from ASUS at the CES.

it seems like finally the ASUS also entering to the phablet market with device having 6-inch display. Ever since Samsung announced its first phablet in the market, other companies have introduced their own version of the device  and Asus may not want to stay away from the trend.

There is also another teaser that shows off  a convertible tablet that is reportedly to be running Android and Windows 8 operating systems in a dual-boot mode.

CES 2014 will start on January 6th, and there will be press event about these devices, so stay tuned, we will keep you updated. And be sure to check out the videos below.

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