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Flexible Displays to go mainstream starting next year, Researcher

Flexible Displays to go mainstream starting the next year, Researcher

It seems like the age of flexible display is almost near. Samsung and LG started the curvy future by introducing their smartphones with curved display, but it seems like the future is more about more flexible devices than just curve,  you might have seen this concept Roltop computer. Samsung was the first company to introduce smartphone with curved screen, named Galaxy Round, followed by LG, came to the arena with its slick looking device LG Flex.

Now a researcher and Chemistry professor at the  Gyeongsang National University in South Korea claims that devices with more flexible and fordable features are to  be available widely in the near future, means starting next year, she was talking to Korean Herald. Interestingly she also added that she is expecting the most awaited Google Glass and Samsung Galaxy Gear to be released with fully flexible displays.

This interesting analysis is based on her own research, and she and other researchers have managed to develop more organic polymer that she claims to be more stable than the polymer available now, she highlighted that organic polymer features “a record-high level of charge-carrying mobility”.

From her own words, the available flexible displays don’t even deserve their name, look why she believe so,

“The flexible displays [available now] do not deserve their name since they were just stretched by force into a curved shape,” Kim said.

It makes  sense in many ways, devices  with so called flexible displays are not  completely flexible,  they are just curve. The true flexible displays which can be folded and rolled are yet to be used in the market, it is a thing of future, but if the Kim Yun-hi is true, we will see such devices the very near future and will be the time for you to throw your present gadgets away.




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