Google, Audi, NVIDIA to work together on Auto Dashboard Systems

Google, Audi and NVIDIA seem to have agreed to collaborate on Android-based dashboard systems for Audy vehicles. Report says that the companies will be announcing their plan at the CES 2014 .

With this project, it is reported that the Audi users will be able to access Android apps from the dashboard system. NVIDIA will be developing processor for the Audi hardware to run the Google’s Android OS.Users will be able to grab their favorite apps via information and entertainment systems  including usual audio, navigation, and other on-board programs as well as users’ selected Android apps.

Wall Street Journal cited an unidentified source that familiar with the matter. Plan is to introduce the Android as an important technology in the auto industry. In the near future, there should be a big competition in higher-end auto dashboard technology, boosted with features of mobile operating systems such as Android and Apple iOS. Apple has already signed a pact with BMW, Daimler’s Mercedes-Benz, GM and Honda to integrate its iOS technology with their vehicles’ dashboard systems.

More companies such as Intel and Qualcomm should soon come to the automobile industries with their chips to rival the NVIDA. Qualcomm is already pushing its chips to auto mobile industry. NVIDIA claimed that its processors are used in 4.5 million autos and the company expects to increase it to 25 million by 2019.

Meanwhile, Audi is also reportedly planning to introduce its new  system that enables the vehicles to drive themselves in certain situations. However, Filip Brabec, Audi’s head of product strategy refused to comment about the upcoming announcement  at the CES 2014.

Source Wall Street journal