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Google releases Google+ Auto Backup for Windows PC, Mac

Google releases Google+ Auto Backup for Windows PC and Mac

Google has launched the Google+ Auto Backup for PCs and Mac. The app that has been available for smartphones and tablets for a while finally hitting the desktops on your table. The app is shipping with the latest version of Picasa( V.137.69) editor. The software lets you automatically upload images  to your Google+ account, making things easier. You just need to save images in the directory dedicated to the software and the app will take care of the rest.

You can upload unlimited images up to 2048 pixels in size and if you want to upload even larger files,  it will suck  your Google Drive space in. There is a photo re-sizing feature , once that is enabled,it will make sure you don’t lose your Google Drive storage quota. The app also supports external drives and other devices that are configured to work with the system. You don’t need to sync this app with your Google+ unless if you want.  Users can use the Google Plus Auto Backup to back up all of your photos to a local location.

Users don’t need to worry about uploaded files automatically being shared with your friends in your Google+ circles, as all uploaded file will be tagged as private so that you can later decide which photo to be shared with friends and families. All uploaded files will be arranged by date and find files in the highlight section of Google+.

The Google+ Auto Backup works independently even though it is bundled with latest Google Picasa, thus, the application can be uninstalled separately. Download the latest Picasa software from here and if you already have Picasa, make sure that you get it updated to v.137.69, go to the help menu  and check for the update.

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