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Microsoft’s 3rd Generation Photosynth released; turn images into Videos

Microsoft 3rd Generation Photosynth released; teurn your images into Videos

If you are professional photographer or someone who  is interested in photography may want to check out Microsoft’s latest version of the Photosynth.  Microsoft has today unveiled its 3rd generation Photosynth with new features such 3D image technology. According to the company, the new Microsoft Photosynth is specially recommended for those who own a D-SLR or point-and-shoot cameras.

Microsoft has kept some previous features such as original synths and stitched panoramas and additionally added some new features such as “spin,” “panorama,” “walk” and “wall” with different 3D image experience. Users with Photosynth can upload their images to Microsoft’s cloud service to create any of the four synth. Once the images are uploaded to the cloud, the technology will use its intelligence to find some points that look to be same object and determines the places the each image was taken from and how the camera was oriented, finally it produces the shapes on the each photo. At the end of these process, the Microsoft Photosynth will calculate the smooth path through the locations of the images and slices the images into multi-resolution pyramids. Once all  the processes finish, you will have smoother and mind-boggling 3D experience, which looks almost like a movie but you can stop at any point.

According to Microsoft, you can also share Photosynth images with your friends and families via social sites such as Facebook, Twitter or embed them on your blog or  sites.

“I’ve never seen anything as smooth and glorious as the new Photosynth of my Everest flight. It’s like a video, but you can stop on any frame and zoom in,”  says, photographer David Brashears who Microsoft has pretended with.

Microsoft also said that  it has started approving users based on a first-come, first-serve basis and will be informed via email once they  get approval.

With the release of the Photosynth, Microsoft is trying to push the boundaries of 3D imagery and offers an advanced technology for everyone to experience

Before you jump into something else, Check out the shots created on Photosynth  and feel free to drop your comment below.

Into the Western Cwm by on Photosynth

Into the Western Cwm by on Photosynth

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