Razer Kazuyo iPhone Gamepad spotted; expected to launch soon

Razer Kazuyo iPhone Gamepad spotted; expected to launch soon

If you are an iPhone or iPod owner and a gamer, you might be looking forward to third party accessories like game-pads for iPhone and you seem  to be on the luck. Ever since the announcement of apple that they would be supporting such accessories, it looks like several manufacturers are pripping to come up with their new gaming accessories and the one you see above is reportedly a leaked version among them.

The gamepad is from Razer,  named Razer Kazuyo which is expected to hit the market soon. From the pic,  the gamepad looks pretty neat and should be easy to use with controls on both sides and the phone slides into the middle of the device. The Kazuyo Gamepad has a direction control on the left side while four face buttons on the right. There is also a pause button so that you can keep the game paused and continue later. It also looks like there is a speaker on the right and a power button on the left.’

On the back is a hole which lets you take shots even while the Kazuyo in use with iPhone or iPod. The device seems to be able to prop the iPhone up. However, pricing and availability for the device is yet to be revealed.


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