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Spike S-512 Business Jet to be the world’s first Supersonic Aircraft

Spike S-512 Business Jet to be the world's first Supersonic Aircraft

People are becoming busy day by day and we all want to get things done faster,  if we could save 5 minutes on a journey we would choose that option. Yes that is where we say time is precious and Spike Aerospace in Boston wants to take advantages of  people’s crazy love for speed and they are working on an ever faster jet named Spike S-512 that they claim will have max speed of Mach 1.8, means twice faster to other jets out there.

The model looks very sharp  with a pointed nose for faster and smoother journey. Company claims that  it can reach to London from New York in three to four hours that normally takes six to seven hours. The company is confident that they can go ahead with the project as they have talented engineers from Gulfstream, Eclipse, and Airbus.

The Spike S-512 will offer a range of 4000 nautical miles. The aircraft measures 131-feet long, 60-foot wingspan and cabin measuring 40 feet long and has 6-feet 2-inch height and width.

The jet will also be luxurious inside with its interior finish, seating and features. And the plane will be capable of carrying 18 passengers. and will cost you up to $80 million dollars, are you thinking of getting one??!!

The challenge the company faces with supersonic passenger jet is FAA regulation that governs the sonic boom, and company has also admitted that. But Spike still expects to deliver the Spike S-512 supersonic jet to customers in December 2018. Check out the video and tell us what you think.

Source Gizmag

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