Verizon Galaxy Note 3 gets OTA update

Verizon Galaxy Note 3 gets OTA update

Verizon has started rolling out an Android update for its Samsung Galaxy Note 3. The update is not of a celebration since this is a minor update with some Verizon features. You must be waiting for the Android KitKat update, but it may take a few weeks from now.

This update will bring you some widgets and cloud services like Verizon Cloud, InfoZone widget, VMware and support & protection v2.0. The OTA update will also add urgent notification features such as voicemail notifications and  will boost connectivity and sound quality.

The update will also improve Email sync, notification panel responsiveness and mobile hotspot.  The update also brings some bug fixes such as handwriting data entry for email and SMS  and keyboard. Update also adds a new feature which Picture Me on screen where you use call waiting.

Once the update is ready for you, you should get an update notification so  keep an eye on your device.


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