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ZeroHour Modular Tactical Battery Backup Flashlight; light and charge

ZeroHour modular tactical battery backup flashlight

Looking for flashlight?, then you may want to check this cool device. The ZeroHour modular tactical battery backup flashlight with 10,000mAh power inside, multiple use at the same time and built for long-lasting. The ZeroHour modular tactical battery backup flashlight offers interesting features, it is not just a flashlight but also a charger.

The device is completely modular with easy to use and removable components. The whole body of the ZeroHour is built with high-grade black 6061 aircraft aluminum with a Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish. The device has a bezel of 304 stainless steel and can have it in different colors if you wish. Moreover, the ZeroHour tactical flash light is built  to withstand extreme conditions like weather, dust or water. The ZeroHour flashlight is IPX8 1m certified and can be fully submerged in water up to one meter.

The components include stainless steel bezel which will be available in many colors, toughened glass lens, CREE ZM-L U3 LED, gold plated internals, three 3400 mAh batteries which are rechargeable and replaceable,  dual USB host and carabiner cap.

The ZeroHour CREE ZM-L U3 LED can output maximum of 1000 lumens  and  offers four levels of illumination and two safety modes, which include Low(20 lumens), Medium(400 lumens), High(800 lumens), Maximum (1000 lumens) and Strobe (1000 lumens) and SOS (1000 lumens) functions. The flashlight can last up to 24 hours at a charge in low mode and more than 6 hours in higher mode.

Features not yet over, the ZeroHour flashlight can also charge devices with USB charging support. The device has two USB ports, 1.5 amp port for standard devices like smartphones ,while 2.1 amp USB port for larger devices like tablets. On the back there is an LED indicator  for showing the power level.

Finally the price, a pledge of $160 can get you standard ZeroHour flashlight  with full features, but there is option, you can get either waterproof body alone or the battery backup alone for lower amount. The ZeroHour Modular Flashlight is a Kickstarter project which has raised over $100,000.

Source Kickstarter

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