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Alluring Apple iWatch Concept Design by Todd Hamilton

Alluring iWatch Concept Design by Todd Hamilton

There have already been several rumors about Apple iWatch which the company has been working on,  including some development issues with the product and it is said that the company would be using display by LG for its watch.

Meanwhile,  some designers have come up with striking concept iWatches with mouth watering form factor, about one of which we reported a few weeks ago and here is yet another one but this one is a different story. While the concept iWatch we  reported early was inspired by Apple’s own iPhone design, this one stands out from all with truly wearable and flowing design and pretty impressive UI, this design is not all new though  but the iOS 7 on the screen makes the new iWatch concept different.

The new concept is coming from the designer Todd Hamilton.  The  concept in fact is Apple iOS7 and Nike’s Fuelband mashup , integrating the iOS 7 into the FuleBand wearable. The wristband with iOS 7 really looks simple and natural that anyone would love to wear.

While designing a such concept, there are so many aspects to consider and be careful of, one of which is its UI and how user-friendly it feels. In this concept  the designer has tried his best to make it simple with a minimalistic lockscreen displaying  time, date, and button to activate Apple’s Siri. Other actions included on this screen is swipe up to unlock, or pull down to view notifications.

On the homescreen you have four apps with a vertical controller on the right to paginate between apps you have on the wristband, swiping up or down brings up other four set of apps to the screen and to go back to the lockscreen just  press on the home button.  Judging by Apple’s products including iPhone, the concept really looks something Apple would produce and the iOS 7 on the tiny screen doesn’t at all look out of place.

However, when the real iWatch comes out, it may not look like these concepts but for the moment  it is going to keep you happy at least for your eyes. Watch the video below and for more details head over to the source.


Source: Toddham

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