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Apple launches “new” iPhone 4 in India; pricing “competitively”

iPhone 4 relaunching in India

Apple has  launched its “latest” device in India, but  this is a relaunching after Apple pulled the device from the market due to high competition and losing sand under the feet. Now it seems that the company wants to price competitively but that looks even worse. The launching announced after rumors iPhone 4 to be released with Rs 15,000 price, making the rumors somewhat true that the Apple would launch it but  the price part.

The 8GB version of the Apple‘s “latest smartphone” iPhone 4 , the same device which was released three years ago, now with a price tag of mouth watering Rs.22,900 that is about $250 while many high-end devices are available in the market for even lesser price that Apple can’t even imagine of competing with, like Nokia Lumia series and Samsung Galaxy series or many other alternative Android devices.

The new launch came in a wake of tight competition in India where Apple iPhone 5s carrying a price of  Rs 53,500 (~$865) and iPhone 5c Rs 41,900 (~$680), both are comparatively expensive, maybe judging by the price of iPhone 5C and 5S, the price of iPhone 4 makes sense to the company but that doesn’t make any difference in the eyes of customers.

The Apple is losing its ground in India due to its over-pricing policy but it looks like the company hasn’t got any lesson from it and still wants to act  the premium-brand in the market while the device it offers in the market doesn’t give any reason for customers to choose them over other brands other than its brand name and Apple logo on it. This seems to be exactly what India Times said  “robbery”.


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