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Wearable Display the Avegant Glyph reaches over its Goal of $250,000 on Kickstarter

Wearables seem to be the future of technology  and we have already seen some of them, from wristband to Google Glass and here is yet another project just launched on Kickstarter.  The project is called Avegant Glyph, a wearable headset  featuring built-in audio and “Virtual Retinal Display”  for real-life experience  and have already reached over its goal on Kickstarter with 547 backers and $272, 330.

The device is using so-called Virtual Retinal Display which promises little to no eyestrain. The Glyph is using a flip down form factor  with the display attached to the headphone’s head section that can be moved downwards to the eyes. The device utilizes a technology with  low-power LED and micro-mirror array that will project images directly onto your retina.

The Avegant Glyph has an HDMI input port to stream content from smartphones to PCs or Mac via an HDMI/MHL cable and has a huge ear cans that is designed to be held on your ears and should deliver an immerse sound. The company also seems to have a plan to integrate LTE chip into the Glyph.

For those who pledge $499 or more, the team promises a fully functional Beta Glyph Prototype, a device that integrates with any content of your choice and delivers vivid 3D. The company offers the unit in 3 different colors that include black, blue, and white and weighs 16oz.


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