Geeksphone boots dual-OS, Android and an Alternative OS

Some smartphone users may want to experience dual platforms at the same time. For instance, an Android smartphone user wants to load an alternative OS as  well for some reason on the same phone what will he do?. Well there comes the Geeksphone, specially designed to boot dual OS, but hey don’t try to load Windows Phone or iOS, it won’t work on this Geek.

Basically the Geeksphone is an Android device,  but enabled with dual-boot capability. An alternative OS means any OS that has community support, the major option will be Firefox OS and  users will be able to boot the OS  using Boot2Gecko which is original name for Firefox OS but Geeksphone hasn’t got any license to use the Firefox brand or logo.

Changing the OS is a matter of some clicks on a user-friendly UI and you are good to go with the OS and  may get update over-the-air .

Unfortunately, there is no info on Android version on the device. In term of specifications, the Geeksphone is built around dual-core 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor and sports a  4.7” 960×540 display, 1GB RAM, 8mp camera and 2MP front unit. Pretty decent for such a smartphone and also has a very neat form factor  with black front panel and white back panel  and measuring 135 length , 68.4 mm width  and 9.8 mm thick.

Release date and price for the Geeksphone is yet to be revealed. Planning to get this Geek?.

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