Google teases a Smart Contact Lens that can measure Glucose Levels

Google Smart Contact Lens that can measure Glucose Levels

Google seems to be towards yet another innovation. Ever since the Google Glass was unveiled, people all over the world might be waiting to get their hands on the device, now the company has teased another innovative product on its blog, but this time instead of a glass, a wearable contact lens with tiny chips on it. The company’s Google X lab teased the smart contact lens  and noted that it is to help diabetics measure their glucose levels.

Google says the contact lens is still a prototype and going under testing. What makes this contact lens different from other is  technology used in it. The lens use a tiny wireless chip and a miniature glucose sensor embedded between two thin layers of the lens.

The company is now working on integrating a tiny LED light into the system to warn users about glucose level crossing certain level. The sensor in the contact lens can now read once per second.

The company also noted that scientists have studied about various body fluids like tears, that could help them track the glucose levels and tears  and Google hoping the lens with chips and sensors  and an antenna thinner than a human hair could finally crack the mystery behind tears and measure the glucose more accurately. The company also said that this is still at its early stage but have completed some clinical studies that help them further enhance its prototype.

The device is still a prototype and the company is now working with FDA and experts to materialize the product and bring them to market. According to the company, the partners that working with will use its technology for a smart contact lens and develop applications that would help deliver the glucose measurement to the user as well as their doctor. Google is hoping to see people with diabetes using this new way to control their disease.

So do you think this is Google’s first step towards integrating Google Glass technology into tiny lens?. There is a video below that shows about such contact lens with augmented reality.

Google Smart Contact Lens that can measure Glucose Levels


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