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Lenovo Vibe Z Vs Samsung Galaxy Note 3; Specs Comparison

Lenovo Vibe Z vs Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Wondering which smartphone you should get in 2014? Well, i think you should at least consider the Lenovo Vibe Z along with other devices in your list. Lenovo ahead of CES  announced its yet powerful Android smartphone with sleek form factor and ultra thin body.  It seems that the company is determined to rival some high-end devices out there such as Galaxy Note 3. Even though Lenovo Vibe Z is slightly smaller than the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, it is a phablet as it features a huge 5.5-inch display with full HD resolution.

Design-wise, Lenovo has given much importance to the look and feel of its flagship Android smartphone, with polycarbonate body, the device certainly has a premium look. On the other hand, Samsung  Galaxy Note 3 has a leather finish, but the body is still plastic. Spec-wise, the device may not be as high as Galaxy Note 3, but you may find the device impressive  due to many reasons such as affordability, design and relatively high-end specs. The Vibe Z is also impressively light and thin at 7.9 mm thick and 147 g weight, whereas Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is 8.3 mm thick and weighs 168g.

When you compare the Galaxy Note 3 and Lenovo Vibe Z, you could spot many similarities. Both devices are powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chipsets and Adreno 330 GPU, Lenovo Vibe Z has a slightly lower power though, at 2.2GHz while the Galaxy Note 3 has 2.3 GHz, that may not be a big issue. On the display side, the 5.5-inch Lenovo has more pixel per density than the 5.7-inch Galaxy Note 3 display,  400ppi and 386 ppi pixel density respectively, while both offer full HD resolution of1080 x 1920. The main drawback I see on the Vibe Z is lack of microSD card slot with 16GB of internal memory mean you are stuck with that memory and you can’t expand it further.

For connectivity, both devices share 4G LTE connectivity along with other usual connectivity features. There may be slight differences, some features of the Lenovo Vibe Z is yet to be revealed. But am pretty sure you will not be stuck in the middle of anything due to lack of some necessary features on Lenovo Vibe Z. And yea! you may not get a stick to draw on the screen of the device when you get Lenovo Vibe Z, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use your fingers to do things on the screen right?!

Finally it is up to you and your budget. The Lenovo Vibe Z carries a price tag of about 400€  but if you want to get the Galaxy Note 3, you will have to spend 60€ more. Check out the spec to spec comparison of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Lenovo Vibe Z and tell us what you think



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