LG G Flex goes on Pre-order in Europe; pricing from £50

 	LG G Flex goes on Pre-order in Europe; pricing from £50

Couple of days ago LG announced that it would be launching its flagship curvy smartphone in 20 European countries. LG Flex didn’t take that long since then to appear on  European retailers, and the release date is set to February 1.

Carphone Warehouse has the phone listed on its website for a price of £50 but with a two year-contract of monthly fee £57. It is offering the device on O2 UK, if you are upgrading,  there is a pretty good offer  at  £42 a month.

Amazon UK and Expansys have also listed the LG G Flex. Amazon is asking a £590, it is SIM-free version and no contract attached while the Expansys has the device on pre-order for a steep  £690. In UK, Phone4u will also offer the device, but there is no pricing info yet, but could not expect much difference from the retailer judging by the prices on other two.

The LG Flex has also appeared in Germany, and Amazon has listed it there with a price tag of  €850 while the NotebookBilling has it for €900. Amazon France seems to be generous compared to other two, here the device is priced at €750, but note one thing that is a South Korean model and you have to make sure it works well on your network.

The LG G Flex is one of the first smartphones using “Flexible Display”, the other one is Samsung’s Galaxy Round which is also curved but horizontally while the G Flex is like a banana. The LG G Flex actually flexes slightly, so no worries if you happen to sit on the device. So are you getting the device or waiting for a real flexible devices to come that a Korean researcher said.

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