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LG Smart HOM-BOT SQUARE Vacuum Cleaner announced ahead of CES 2014


LG has already announced some new gadgets ahead of CES 2014 like Tablets and PCs, and here is yet another gadget specially designed for women. The company wants to make things easy for them, and smart too. LG will showcase its new gadget  robotic vacuum cleaner LG Smart HOM-BOT SQUARE VR6370VMNC at the CES starting January 7th.

LG claims  that the robotic vacuum cleaner will significantly boost the way you clean, and the device is equipped with LG’s smart technologies such as Smart Control, Cleaning History, Smart Diagnosis and Software Update which allows users remotely control the device with their smartphones.

“Our convenience-enhancing products are engineered to give consumers more control and more time to enjoy what’s really important,” said Seong-jin Jo, President and CEO of the LG Electronics Home Appliance Company

The Smart HOM-BOT SQUARE is coming with a Corner Master that is comprised of two long brushes, corner detecting sensors  and it can remove dust and dirt from tight corners as it is designed with unique shape and the corners detecting sensors enables the device to detect its exact location in a room and automatically directs the device to turn when it reaches the edge of a room. For an efficient movement and performance, the device uses two  improved Dual Eye 2.0 cameras that can capture several images per second making its movement easy. The device also features upper and lower cameras that catches the ceiling, walls and floor, no matter if it is dark and creates smart map for moving the device in a right direction.

For convenience and ease of emptying dust, the LG has put the Easy-out Dust Bin on the top of the vacuum cleaner. And LG Smart HOM-BOT SQUARE with upgraded HEPA 11 filter is also capable of separating dust particles from the air and the  Smart Turbo Mode mode automatically detects flooring characteristic and changes settings to best suit your needs.

Moreover, the device is completely smart and you no longer need to use physical button on the device to give it a start, just use your smartphones to control the vacuum  and the Cleaning History lets you know the device’s cleaning results and  no worries about missing any rooms to clean, the Map View helps you see what the device has cleaned and what not.

Unfortunately, the company hasn’t revealed the pricing and release date for the vacuum cleaner, but we will keep you posted once details are available.


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