Lumen TL800 Bluetooth Smart Bulb released; pricing $69.99

Lumen TL800 Bluetooth Smart Bulb released; pricing $69.99

Things are  getting smarter, our TV is smart, phone is smart and now the bulb is also smart. Everything that we use has changed in recent years and why shouldn’t the bulb change the way it lights up our home?. That is where the new Lumen TL800 Bluetooth 4.0 light bulb comes into play. The Lumen TL800 is yet another model in the smart bulb series in the market, Philips has already introduced one but there hasn’t been much rivals to the company but with launching of the new Lumen TL800, things may change and bulbs can get cheaper like other devices over competition. Yes that is good for consumers.

To use the Lumen TL800, you will need a device with Bluetooth 4.0 support and you can use that device to turn the bulb on and off within a range. The bulb can function with Bluetooth enabled devices as far as  50 meters. The bulb is offered with an Android and an iOS app to make the bulb fully functional with such devices. The bulb uses LED technology and claimed to last thirty times longer than our traditional light bulb.

The LumenTL800 smart bulb offers various modes for users that include Call Alert Mode, Music Sync Mode, Party Mode 1 and 2, Wake Mode, Romance Mode and Relaxation Mode and you must have guessed what all these modes means. The bulb changes the way it lights up in these modes. Check out the video below for more info.

The Lumen TL800 has already hit the market and now available from Amazon for a price of $69.99. The bulb will be displayed at the CES 2014 next week.


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