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Toshiba Shape-Shifting Concept PC displayed at CES 2014

Toshiba Shape-Shifting Concept PC

There are convertible tablets, laptops and hybrid devices like Padfone , but there are also some bizarre ones, at least from Toshiba  called “Shape-shifting Concept PC”, which has been showcased at the CES 2014. The model is still at a concept stage and there is no certainty that this would ever make into production models.

The Shape-shifting concept model is actually a 5-in-1 device, means at least 5 modes in one device that include laptop and tablet modes, going one step further it acts convertible tablet  and there are also other two modes, a canvas mode and presentation/TV mode. According to the company., the device is ideal for drafting and editing as it can flip open keyboard at 270 degrees which will bring the display at an convenient angle  thus this mode is good for using digitizer pen while  editing and drafting.

TV mode and presentation mode is exactly what it sounds, in this mode the display stands at an angle which is good for viewing  and operating the device like a desktop or laptop PCs. In this mode the Toshiba Shape-shifting Concept will also have its keyboard detached from  its base turning the half of its base into a stand.

As this Shape-shifitng Concept laptop is still a concept, there is nothing about its internal specifications. We may know more about such things later when Toshiba decides to go ahead with its production.


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