Asus announces Chromebox; Specs and Price

Asus announces Chromebox; Specs and Price

Chrome OS is mainly known for Chrome laptops  but  Asus bringing a different form of the OS-powered device dubbed Asus Chromebox, basically a mini PC with latest connectivity features. This is not entirely new to the Chrome OS though, Samsung has its own Chromebox. So you won’t get a monitor, keyboard and mouse along with the new system unlike laptops, otherwise, the box will offer all the Google goodies on the Chrome OS.

The new Asus Chromebox is powered by a 4th generation Intel processor and packs a wide range of connectivity features that include four USB 3.0 ports, Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, and an SD card reader. The device also features HDMI and DisplayPort outputs for dual monitor support and is capable of streaming things on 4K UHD monitors. The ew Chromebox has a fan-less design so it will be quiet while running.

The new Chromebox comes with 100GB of Google Drive storage valid for two years and users should continue the subscription to keep their storage after the period.

The release date for the new Asus Chromebox is set somewhere in March and will come with a starting price of $179.

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