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China lifts the Block on Dropbox, the Service now accessible for the first Time since 2010

China lifts the Block on Dropbox, the Service now acceessible for the first Time since 2010

It has been three years since the Dropbox was blocked in China. Even though users in the country were periodically able to share files and sync in the country, this is the first time the service has been stable for the Chinese users since it was blocked. However, regaining its business in china may not be easy one since  other domestic cloud storage services have proliferated the environment with competitive services.

Companies like Kanbox which was later taken over by the Alibaba have earned a huge user base of more than 15 million. Other main cloud storage service available in China is Tencent which started offering a whopping 10TB of free storage. The company is also reportedly planning to launch its storage service called Weiyun in US, challenging the Dropbox, Box and SkyDrive.

However, we don’t know an exact reason why it was blocked and why a sudden change  in Chinese Govt’s decision on Dropbox and wanted to restore the access to the service. But It is said to be politically motivated move to prevent users from sharing politically sensitive data, this could be right because that was why the country blocked access to Twitter and Facebook. This could also be part of its anti-competitive strategy. There was report that the country plans to spend over $1 billion on cloud computing by 2016.

Although the Dropbox is available in China now, this decision could change at any time if the Govt wants, while the Google Drive is still available in the country. Meanwhile, there is a report that the company is planning an IPO and this could give th company more resources to compete domestic competitors.


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