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D-Link Outdoor HD Cloud DCS-2330L Camera released; pricing $179.99

D-Link Outdoor HD Cloud Camera

In this world anything is possible even watching your home  when you are miles away. D-Link has added yet another cloud camera to its portfolio. Dubbed D-link Outdoor HD Cloud Camera DCS-2330L is a simple device that  help you watch what is going on in the room  or house via your smartphone or tablets over internet. The company has already started shipping the camera.

The D-Link Outdoor HD Cloud Camera (DCS-2330L)  is an outdoor ready IP surveillance solution that can operate in a  -13°F to 113°F  temperature range. The device  offers a 720p HD video quality and night vision up  to 15 feet even in complete darkness. The camera also has an advanced motion sensing technology and is capable of sending instant message to the user if it finds some changes to the camera’s environment.

The camera is bundled with free mobile app that help you access camera’s feed via your smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the world, just make sure you are connected to internet. The camera is much smaller compared to other  cameras out there as it uses  Ethernet for power instead of conventional power source.

The D-link  Outdoor HD Cloud DCS-2330L Camera is priced at $179.99 and  now available at Best Buy.

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