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Find the Convertible Laptop that best suits your needs [Infographic]

If you are planning to get a new convertible laptop that best meet your needs and you are a Lenovo fan, this guide from the company could help you find one. The infographic has detail information on the company’s new available devices and how some features could be helpful for you. The infographic could also be used to know new features that you may want for your new notebook, so that you could find right device even if it is from other companies

Lenovo has recently launched a series devices ranging from smartphones to computers that cover almost all area of  people’s needs. The company has also gained a  great market share in the computer business while company’s like Sony suffer. You may have already heard that the Sony is planning to sell off its computer business.

However, take a look at the infographic and tell us which one you would prefer.

Guide to find a Convertible Laptop

Source Lenovo

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