Google Project Ara Conference to be held on April 15-16

Google Project Ara Conference to be held on April 15-16

Google has sold off its Motorola mobile division to Lenovo but that doesn’t mean the company has stopped working on smartphones, instead, it indicates the company is  behind even smarter device, also known as Project Ara that Google is now working on. Project Ara is Google’s new endeavor to build modular smartphone. Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects Division has announced that first developer event for the Project Ara that will be held on April 15-16. According to TIME, the device could hit the market by next year, mean the way we buy and use smartphone is going to change soon.

The modular smartphone will let users choose features and highly customize the device based on their needs and  size of their pocket. The Ara is developed with an open platform design that offers a basic chassis from Google and option to customize modular components from third party developers.So that users could add extra features like sensors,  storage, more battery capacity, better speakers and so on sliding in and out.

Basically  the Ara is chassis with many compartments which users can slot in and out components regardless of what each does. As the Ara is hot-swappable, users don’t need to  power off the device to change any of the components. With this project Google is aiming to offer users choice. And the price point that Google wants  for the base model of the device is $50 that  may not give you that much in exchange. The connectivity feature that you could expect on the base model is only WiFi, so certainly an Ara device with top-notch features can’t be that cheap.

According to Google, the Ara is aimed at 6 billion people, means for entire world  and we could expect highly affordable modular smartphone soon. The Google also plans to release an alpha version of the Ara Module Developers’ Kit and it will be available free and open platform specification reference which will help  developers through the process of developing an Ara module.

Google Project Ara event will be taking place  in Mountain View, California,  and the event will be live online for the whole world.  So do you this is the future and will change  the way developing, buying and using smartphones in the coming year?



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