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Ideum Platform 32 & Platform 46 Android Multitouch Coffee Tables; Specs and Price

Ideum Platform 32 & Platform 46 Android Multitouch Coffee Tables

This is not at all new idea and you may have come across the Samsung’s SUR40 multi-touch table with Surface 2.0  which was first introduced at CES 2011. The idea behind the table is to keep you engaged with some fun or work while drinking a coffee or spending time around the tablet with your friends and relatives. The new table from Ideum is specially running on Android, so more of an entertainment table with multitouch display and powerful specs inside. The table is good for hotel lobbies and premier lounges to tourist zones and even health centers. The table is result of a collaboration between 3M and Ideum.

The Ideum multitouch coffee table is coming in two flavors which include Platform 32  and larger Platform 46. Regardless of its size, both are powered by a  3.7GHz  quad-core Intel Core i7 CPU  and sports a Blu-Ray combo drive and a Full HD display. In terms of storage and memory, the Platform 46 has a 500GB hard drive and 16GB RAM while the Platform 32 comes with half the storage space and half the RAM of Platform 46.

On the touchscreen side, the Platform 32 offers a 40 simultaneous touchpoints  while the larger 46-inch model delivers 60 simultaneous touchpoints. As an Android-powered tablet you might be expecting it to be running on Android KitKat, but unfortunate, the Platform 46 table will be running on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean when it goes on sale but  you will be able to access almost all Android apps available for Android tablets and smartphones on the Ideum multitouch coffee table.

And don’t worry about people spilling drinks on the screen as the screen is completely water-resistant. Finally its pricing,  the Ideum Platform 32 with Windows 8 starts at $6,950 USD, so just expect the platform 46 to cost you a big chunk of your savings. The company also has a plan to introduce dual-boot OS options later.


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