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Lito Sora Electric Motorcycle with integrated GPS; pricing $42,000

Lito Sora Electric Motorcycle with integrated GPS; pricing $42,000

Electric cars are almost common on the roads nowadays but when it comes to electric motorcycles, you may not see that much especially bikes with powerful features and efficiency. But things are changing and more efficient electric motorcycles are set to rock our roads. When Lito announced the Sora electric motorcycle, it was just a concept , but now it has become reality with the announcement of  Lito’s first production model of Sora electric motorcycle.

The Lito Sora is a powerhouse with classic design and integrated tech.The motorbike uses a carbon fiber fairing and aluminum chassis which help reduce the weight, even though the bike is still hefty at  260 kg (573.2 lbs.) with all that battery inside.

Spec-wise, there  is a little difference from the concept model.The motorcycle has a three-phase liquid-cooled AC induction motor and can reach up to a top speed of 118 miles-per-hour. The the bike is equipped with a juicy 12kWh lithium-polymer battery modules and produces a 90 Nm (66.37 ft-lb) of torque.

The  Lito Sora offers three different power management modes ( safe, normal, or performance )for you to choose from on the road and depending on the selected mode , the riders can reach up to 124 miles on the highway and 62 city miles in range.

The motorcycle is coming with battery indicator  and you will have to wait 9 hours to get the batter fully recharged. The Lito has also integrated more advanced technology including an integrated GPS and touchscreen on the tank and a facility to keep and recharge your mobile phone.

One thing to note that this bike won’t come cheap. The Lito Sora electric motorcycle price is as heavier as its weight. The starting price of the Sora is CAD$46,399 that is about US$42,000. If this hasn’t impressed you, you may also want to check out the Lit motors C1 electric motorcycle, a concept vehicle that looks like car.

Lito Sora Electric Motorcycle goes on production; pricing $42,000


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