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New Apple iWatch Concept with wider Display and vertical UI looks cool

New iWatch Concept with wider Display and Vertical UI looks cool

You may have already seen  some iWatch concepts  and couple of them were posted on this site itself. If you have missed, here they are, Apple iWatch Concept Designs by Martin Hajek ,  and iWatch Concept Design by Todd Hamilton. And here is yet another concept design but this time the design comes from a Cleveland-based design startup named FUSE Chicken. The video shows wearable with vertical UI which incorporates the rumored Healthbook fitness tracking app.

The concept design is not at all new. The new concept is almost like the iWatch concept design by Todd Hamilton with vertical UI which is also inspired by Nike’s Fuelband, but the difference is this one has even wider display making the device more user-friendly and includes a constant time/date display along with a lot more text information and UI navigation  based on notifications.

Other interesting feature inclusion of the FUSE Chicken iWatch concept is rumored Healthbook. If the feature is real for iOS8, this could be one of usual features for any future iOS devices just like Siri.

However, the Apple‘s iWatch may not at all look like these designs made by designers, but for the time, you could have a little idea of what an iWatch would look like in a real life scenario. But there is also chance Apple’s own iWatch could finally look like any of these concept devices or at least closer  to  them.

Now take a look at the gallery and the video, also feel free to drop your comment in the box and share.




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