Nokia X aka Normandy is reportedly sent out to Indian Developers

If you are up to date with recent events with Nokia, you know the company is working on and Android smartphone called Nokia X aka Normandy or A110. Things are getting even exciting with the new report that the company has started sending out smartphone to developers. The report suggests that the company has sent the Nokia X to select developers in India, indicating the device is specially targeted at developing countries like India where it has lost a huge market share.

The report is more reliable when we know that the company plans its own app store and it may need to attract developers. According to previous rumors, the Nokia X aka Normandy will not have any Google’s services  even though it is Android base, instead, the smartphone should have its own application store and  its own HERE Maps location services and Microsoft’s Bing, Outlook and Skype as  substitutes to Google  Services available on Android.

According to the rumor, the App Store for Nokia X is codenamed Asha on Linux (AoL)  and the company has already negotiated most of the top 100 Play Store apps. Nokia is actually trying to keep its fan base in developing countries by making more capable version of Asha smartphones but based on Android. The company is also reportedly trying to offer the device as low priced as possible. If the rumors are right, the Nokia X Normandy will be priced about INR 6,500 or €80  and will be released around the IPL in India in April and expect a huge marketing campaign  in which Nokia is expert.

If you have missed the specification rumors, the Nokia X aka Normandy is expected to be powered by a dual-core Snapdragon 200 chipset with 512MB RAM and sport a 4″ WVGA display, a 5MP camera, 4GB expandable storage and dual-SIM support. The smartphone will pack a 1,500 mAh battery.

The smartphone has already appeared in many leaks and  has a Lumia-like design and Windows Phone Metro UI, making the device stand out from the Android crowd out there.

Nokia has scheduled an event on February 24  at which the device is expected to be announced with details.