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Renault Kwid, a concept Car with built-in tiny Drone

Renault Kwid Hatchback Concept with Drone

When  we hear about drones, the firs thing coming into mind will be US Drones killing hundreds of innocent people overseas, but hey! drones can do some other awesome things as well and that is Renault has come up with for its  new concept. The concept model is named Renault Kwid,  is a cute tiny hatchback with  a special compartment in the car’s roof to launch its tiny drone.  Wondering what the drone can do!, well let’s take a look at what it can do and how it is going to help you in a traffic.

The drone can be controlled manually via your tablet or set to fly automatically with a pre-determined GPS waypoints . The drone can help you find out what is happening out there in the traffic as well as  warning you about the dangers ahead. The drone can also be used to shoot your own driving stunts and replay the video.

Take a look at the car, that is a bold concept with all things you would expect on a concept vehicle. With stunning color and molded body with muscles from back to the front and wide yellow grille aesthetically placed in front. Anyone would love to have a ride in the Kwid. The car is designed for Indian market  and the drone should be to attract youngsters.

However, it is yet to be seen if this model will ever be materialized and available in the market,  and will be  bit tough to overcome legal regulations of using such technology in the public.  Anyway,  check out the video and tell us what you think about the concept vehicle.


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