Xbox One to get an Update with many Improvements on February 11

Microsoft shipped over 3.9 million units of its Xbox One across the globe ever since  it was launched in 2013 and now it seems the time for further tweaking and improvements. The company is now preparing an update that is scheduled to February 11. The update for the Xbox One was announced by Chief Product Officer Marc Whitten in a blog post today.

According to the blog post, the imminent update is going bring many new enhancements including “lots of behind-the-scenes updates”. According to Whitten, the update will improve the Kinect voice commands making  it more responsive. The update will also add a feature to manage storage space on the console and users will be able to see exactly how much storage a content is using.

The update also brings ability to control install lineup and after the update, managing the download queue will be easier. My Apps and My Games will be listed separately and you could create separate queues for both. There will also be a boot progress indicator enabling you to track updates better as they load.

There will also be return of the battery power indicator with this update, which can be seen on the home screen so that users can give the device a little juice before it gets dried up. Finally, the  Microsoft Xbox One update will also bring support for USB keyboard for your device.