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Android leads World Smartphone Market, WP makes growth: Kantar

Android leads World Smartphone Market; WP makes slight growth: Kantar

There have been several smartphone OSs in the past few years and the competition between these OS is very tight across the globe. The Market analyst company Kantar Worldpanel has made a survey on these smartphones and its global market growth in the past three months ending in April. In the battle there have been losers and gainers as usual. According to the report, Android is still on the rise and has kept its market share while Windows and Apple showed a mixed performance.

Android stays at the top in major European markets like Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Great Britain and found a rise of 1.7 point holding 72.4% of the smartphone market  while Windows Phone had a 1.6 point rise controlling 8.4% of the market. Apple with iOS has also made a slight movement in their business in Europe  and has a 17.5% market share.

The one among the losers in the game is certainly none other than BlackBerry which has a loss of 1.7 points  and others lost 1.8 points.

iOS has had a huge loss in its home market losing 6.8 points while Android reached 59.1%  of total market share with growth of 7.3 points. BlackBerry is the next one that made a little gain in the US market reaching 1% of the market while Windows Phone lost 0.9 points in the US market.

The data also shows statistics in China, Japan and Australia. The Android has made a huge growth in China  conquering 79.8% of the market share  with a growth of 7.3 points. In the Chinese market Windows Phone’s struggle is pretty clear with a drop of 1.4 points. Sadly BlackBerry is not even in the picture losing its whole shares while iOS had a slight loss of 6.2 points.

In Japan, the data shows a magical change in favor of iOS and Windows Phone also found a slight growth. iOS has had a gain of 5.6 points reaching a total share of 55.4%. Not so vague, BlackBerry has lost its entire market share in Japan as well while Android had a slight loss of 0.8 points keeping the second place in the market share.

In Australia as well iOS found a growth of 2 points where Android had a loss of 3.3 points even though Android holds the majority of the market with its 60.8% market share. Windows Phone also made a slight growth in the market  and has captured 6.7% of the market.

The report shows an interesting data and Android should be keeping its position as world leader in the smartphone market at least for while. with current Android flagships and Windows Phone 8.1 being in the verge of its release, iOS should face a tight competition which may not get a new hardware till September. So Apple should be preparing to fight back with its anticipated iPhone 6.


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