Harley-Davidson introduces its first Electric Motorcycle Project LiveWire

Harley-Davidson introduces its first Electric Motorcycle Project LiveWire

Finally world’s renowned motorcycle company Harley-Davidson is also jumping on the Electric Motorcycle bandwagon. The motorcycle named Project LiveWire was revealed after it released a teaser and  its first electric bike test ride tour across the US will start from next week. Some months ago Lito Sora introduced its Electric Motorcycle with integrated GPS and Harley joining the party will hopefully make an impact in the market and we may see more electric motorcycle on the road soon.

Even though current version of the  LiveWire is not intended for commercial purpose, manufacturers gradually shifting to EVs certainly indicates a bright future for electric motorcycles too.

“The sound is a distinctive part of the thrill,” senior VP Mark-Hans Richer said of the “unmistakable” noise of the electric engine. “Think fighter jet on an aircraft carrier.”

The Company expects feedback from consumers on its new endeavor and according to the company, some select consumers will be able to ride the bike  and hoping to shape the future of the company and its first electric motorcycle.

Harley’s motorcycles are well-known for its roaring noise but its next model will be a bit quieter just like others EVs. The primary noise actually comes from the moving parts associated with the engine, with the motor itself is silent. Just like other electric vehicles, the motorcycle doesn’t need   individual gears and will be able to accelerate up to 60mph in around four seconds.

The current prototype can offer a battery life up to 53 miles and 74HP and 52 lb-ft of torque. The motorbike is limited to 92mph at most and uses regenerative braking like electric cars  enabling the bike to restore energy to the batteries while slowing down.

The company plans to begin LiveWire tour in 30 cities across the US this year and expand internationally through 2015. Your feedback is very important for the company to shape the future EV motorcycles from the company. So what do you think about Harley’s new bike?

Source Harley-Davidson

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